Keeping Your Car CleanHow We Can Help You

Self Service Stalls

We know you take care of your car so we ensure you have the best products available.

Touch Free Car Wash

We take pride in knowing our touch free automatic car wash gives you a sparkling shine!

Vacuum and Drying Areas

After cleaning the outside of your car, you have the opportunity to clean the inside as well!

Self Service Our Process

  • Tire & Wheel Cleaner

    Effectively and safely cleans brake dust, asphalt oils, and road film from wheel and tire surfaces.

  • De-Greaser

    Apply de-greaser to surface to be cleaned. Wait 2 minutes and rinse with high pressure

  • Low Pressure Presoak

    Apply pre-soak to entire vehicle from bottom up

  • High pressure Soap

    High foaming application to loosen and chisel away soil and stubborn road grime from all vehicle surfaces.

  • Foam Brush Soap

    Wash brush prior to use. Scrub entire vehicle to remove dirt and road grime from vehicle. Rinse with high pressure.

  • High Pressure Rinse

    High pressure rinse to remove debris, soap and dirt from vehicle.

  • Low Pressure Wax

    Apply wax to entire vehicle. Rinse with high pressure wax. Finish with spot free rinse.

  • High Pressure Wax

    Apply wax to entire vehicle. Finish with spot free rinse.

  • Spot Free Rinse

    Apply spot free rinse to entire vehicle.

Automatic Car Wash Our Process

  • Underbody with side blasters

  • Bug prep

  • 2-Step heated presoak

  • High pressure Rinse

  • 3x Foam Polish

  • Clear Coat Sealer

  • Double Bond

  • Carnuba Shine

  • Dry Aid

  • Spot Free Rinse

  • Flash Dry

  • Drive Through Blower

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